gleiches Bild, anderer Prompt

Zwei sich unterschiedliche Prompt ergeben praktisch dasselbe Bild. Prompt A ist meine originale Eingabe. Prompt B wurde danach aus A erweitert:


detailed and realistic photo: a beautiful, breathtaking brown-skinned teenage girl with silky smooth obsidian soft black straight hair looks at the viewer in amazement. The hair reaches down to the shoulders and is cut straight. She has a round face, smooth, white skin and full, plump lips. Her mouth is slightly open with white teeth. The picture is bathed in warm light and creates perfect shadows. She wears a thin, tight-fitting sweater that emphasizes her wonderful body. Her beautiful brown eyes reflect a little light. ((stunning)) ((gorgeous)) ((white background)).


a (((beautiful, brown-skinned teenage girl))) with silky, obsidian-soft, straight black hair that extends down to her shoulders and is cut in a sleek, straight style. She has a round face with smooth, flawless white skin and full, plump lips. Her mouth is slightly opened with white teeth, framed by those striking locks. Her complexion is radiant under the warm, glowing light that bathes the scene, casting perfect shadows. She wears a thin, fitted sweater that accentuates her form, highlighting every curve. Her brilliant brown eyes reflect a hint of light, making this portrait (((stunningly gorgeous))).